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Kamyar K. ReZaie

Kamyar K. ReZaie

Wembley's Inc., is a California based real estate and lending corporation established in 2005.  We have been providing a wide variety of real estate services to the residents of Calabasas, Hidden Hills and its' surrounding communities for over 10 years. Wembley's Inc, Kamyar K. Rezaie, and his professional dedicated staff attend to every kind of real estate client; from a new home owner looking for that "Dream House", a commercial investment client, a residential or commercial lending client, a client requiring special attention (added privacy), those needing an SBA loan, to clients with unique circumstances (such as an international client or a client with relocation needs), Wembley's Inc. has been able to assist those clients in every market environment and exceed their expectations.

Executive CEO and President, Kamyar K. Rezaie, a first generation American citizen, has been serving his clients and community since 2002. After graduating from UCLA summa cum laude with a degree in Economics, and after years of volunteer work (including tutoring his way through high school and college), Kamyar Rezaie decided to apply his passion for real estate and customer service by opening up his Calabasas real estate business firm.  Never looking back, Kamyar's background, ability to network, professional acumen; his knowledge and community outreach, helps him stay abreast of trends and stay ahead of the curve.  Kamyar K. Rezaie is a customer advocate and works for his client 24/7.

Wembley's Inc, Kamyar, and his dedicated staff will offer unparalleled customer support, expertise, knowledge, relationship building and insight to be the difference you're looking for.

“We can only be said to be alive in those moments when our hearts are conscious of our treasures.”
— Thornton Wilder